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Rosie et nous

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Rosie et nous ASBL







Working on the 'Rosie et nous' website project was a fulfilling opportunity to support the noble cause of this Belgian ASBL. Based in the scenic Namur Region, 'Rosie et nous' specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating wild cats, providing them with the care they need. As a passionate advocate for animal welfare, I dedicated my skills to create a bespoke website for the organization. Through this digital platform, we aimed to raise awareness, share heartwarming stories, and ultimately connect with kindred spirits who share our love and concern for our furry companions.

The primary objective of this website was to showcase the handcrafted creations made by volunteers, the proceeds of which go towards supporting the association's needs. To achieve this, I developed an e-commerce-style catalog, which also serves as a valuable tool for inventory management, ensuring efficient stock control and seamless transactions.

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