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Web design, Social media content


Illustrator, CSS, Photoshop

During my professional journey, I had the privilege of being part of the vibrant team at usheru, an Irish company based in Dublin, offering innovative solutions to local cinemas in the UK area as well as film producers looking to reach their audience. usheru provides solutions such as ticketing options for smaller cinemas that may not have their own systems in place.

At usheru, I had the exciting role of creating engaging content for social media channels and designing websites for local cinemas, utilizing CSS for the ticketing solutions. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to usheru's mission of revolutionizing the cinema industry by bridging the gap between audiences and filmmakers.

Working with usheru allowed me to delve into the dynamic world of film distribution and cinema management, providing me with invaluable insights into the intersection of technology and entertainment. My responsibilities ranged from crafting compelling social media campaigns to ensuring seamless user experiences on cinema websites, all aimed at enhancing the overall movie-going experience for audiences.

My time at usheru was marked by innovation, collaboration, and a passion for leveraging technology to empower cinemas and filmmakers alike. I am proud to have been part of usheru's journey in reshaping the film industry landscape and look forward to sharing some of the exciting projects I contributed to during my tenure.



Dublin - Ireland


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usheru #cinema #theater

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