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Univers Print

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Univers Print


2021 - 2022


Webdesign, printing solutions


Wordpress, Illustrator

My experience at Univers Print has been one of the most enriching journeys of my career. It began with a significant challenge: creating the company's website. In addition to designing a traditional showcase website, I had to integrate a functionality for requesting quotes by incorporating a complete product catalog.

Subsequently, I joined the Univers Print team as a graphic designer. The company's manager then trained me in the intricacies of printing. From lettering to flyer printing to textile printing, the numerous projects I worked on helped me develop a certain expertise, both technical and creative, as well as in terms of customer relations and understanding various requests.

In addition to this, I was responsible for the company's social media communication as well as physical advertising through various print materials, both small and large-scale.

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