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OLS project

I had the pleasure of joining the CLL team, which is responsible for creating numerous hours of language learning content across 29 languages. The OLS project has been one of the most challenging projects I've faced. As the graphic designer for the project, I had to intervene in all the various aspects of the project, such as content creation, branding, video production, visual guidelines, interface design and more. The key to managing the complexity of dealing with the 'coefficient 29', as we like to call it, and the strict guidelines provided by the client, the European Commission, is to find smarter ways to streamline your daily and overall tasks.

Highlight : Module Content Document

The module content document serves as a comprehensive resource containing all the necessary information for a specific module. Whether it's for learners, our team, or the client, this document is designed to provide easy access to vital module details. During the creation process, I had to consider that we would need to replicate this document 29 times for each of the two levels covered in the course (A1 and A2), totaling 58 documents.


Given the volume of information required for each document, manual creation was impractical. To address this challenge, I devised a solution using Figma designs linked to a spreadsheet. Although it took some time to set up the spreadsheet initially, the ability to update the entire document with a single click made the effort worthwhile.


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